A-1 Fence is an authorised reseller of SpotterRF products for South Africa offering local sales and support to System Integrators.

The powerful SpotterRF AI can detect moving targets on the ground for up to 380 acres and automatically differentiates the targets between human, vehicle or animals.

The radars can detect intrusions via water bodies and can track the location and movement of the boat/ship.

Drone detection range for over a hemisphere of 500 meters.

SpotterRF radars are able to track the GPS coordinates of the intrusion and direct the PTZ camera to capture the video output. This allows a huge reduction in nuisance alarms.

Protection beyond fences™

Existing security systems are all about protecting the fence line. SpotterRF offers a solution to provide security both inside and past your fence line. Using SpotterRF radars, you can have early detection and alarms in place giving you more time to react. SpotterRF radars are engineered with superior target tracking algorithms capable of detecting humans, vehicles/boats, drones or animals over land, sea or air. Thus, offering a complete package of security on all fronts. The radars also seamlessly integrate with PTZ cameras, video surveillance systems, flood/spot lights, and more. With quick installation, no maintenance and constant radar health monitoring for no down time, SpotterRF is a much needed defense tool in your security layers.

How does SpotterRF Radar work ?

<Working of SpotterRF


Artificial Intelligence Target Detection

Artificial Intelligence Target Detection

SpotterRF radars are equipped with advanced filters, zones, and SPOTTERai to easily reduce nuisance alarms while tracking targets. SPOTTERai automatically classifies target types by using Machine Learning, so filters and zones can be set up to only alarm for target types of interest. Which ultimately reduces the workload of the operator.

Control Nuisance Alarms

Control Nuisance Alarms

Animals, vegetation, and weather are the most likely causes of nuisance alerts. SpotterRF Technology has the capability to adapt to its environment, to maintain high detection, and eliminate nuisance alarms.

Detects In Any Conditions

Detects In Any Conditions

No issues with direct sunlight, reflections, rain, hail, snow or mist. So where other detection and monitoring systems have weaknesses radar will keep on tracking, giving you ultimate security.


Compact Surveillance Radar

Unlike old and most opposition radars, SpotterRF is uniquely compact, thus allowing it to be mounted easily onto existing structures. It also blends in better making it aesthetically pleasing.

Weather Proof

Weather Proof

The operating temperatures range from -30°C to +60°C which makes it suitable for any environmental challenge. With a IP67 rating, SpotterRF radars are unaffected by salt spray or wet areas making it great for coastal or over water applications.

Wide Coverage Area

Wide Coverage Area

Whether you require to protect an area big or small, SpotterRf radars come with a coverage range of 15 - 380 acres so it can fit into different applications. This significantly reduces the need for extra cameras and radar gives you a superb early warning security advantage.

Integration Ready

Integration Ready

SpotterRF is a standalone system or it can be easily integrated to work flawlessly with most PTZ cameras or video surveillance softwares which makes it an all rounder.

Drone Detection

Drone Detection

Equipped with supreme technology for drone detection thus protecting you against any modern security threats. Including advanced AI for nuisance alarms with birds etc.


Portable Radar

SpotterRF Ground Surveillance Radars come with a well designed case which makes it easy to transport and very quick to deploy.

Very Long Life

Very Long Life

The radar has a Mean Time Before Failure of 90,000 hours which makes it rugged & ensures longevity.


C Series

Data sheet : Download

CK Series

CK Series
Data sheet : Download

3D Series X band Air Rotating

3D Series X band Air Rotating
Data sheet : Download


Radar used in Borders


Radar used in Drone Detection

Drone Detection

Radar used in Airports


Radar used in Prisons


Radar used in Substations


Radar used in Military & Government

Military & Government

Radar used in Residential Homes

Residential Homes

Radar used in Solar Farms

Solar Farms

Radar used in Fish Farms

Fish Farms

Radar used in Dams


Radar used in Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Radar used in Factories


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