A-1’s commitment to quality has laid the foundation for producing sustainable & user centric products which makes our customers' life easier. All our products are complied with the latest industry standard norms thereby producing world class products. We believe in providing quality not only in our products but also creating a quality user experience with our products by providing certified products & service support.


Wires form the most important aspect of the fencing system and to make sure our products sustain the test of time we take wire selection very seriously. All the wires are inspected so that they follow the required mechanical properties as per industry accepted standards.

Tensile Strength Testing

We make sure that wire tensile strength falls within the range as specified in respective standards. For wire to be used for weldmesh panels it is 350 - 950 MPa( complying to EN 10223-7) & for Gabions, Revet mattresses, Honeycomb rolls it is 350-550 MPa (complying to IS 16014)

Mass of Zinc coating

Mass of Zinc is a measure of service life of the wire. More the mass of Zinc coating more will be the service period of wire. In A-1, We manufacture wire products of two different masses of Zinc coating. One is 40 GSM & second is 275 GSM. (GSM : Grams per square meter) Testing method is as per EN 10224-2.


Wire Cutting

Congruence in wires is very important to manufacture seamless fencing solutions. To assure this our wires are cut into equal lengths and straightened using sophisticated machines giving very high dimensional tolerance promoting conformity in each wire.

Wire Length

Wire cut length is decided as per dimension of weldmesh panels to be manufactured from them. Wires should be free from die marks, spiral marks or any kind of surface defects. Wire should be straight enough to be processed in weldmesh machines.


The Quality of welding decides the strength of the fencing system against external forces. At A-1 we follow industry leading welding processes to ascertain that our weld strength falls above the required level thereby ensuring the stability of the fencing system.

Peak Load Measurement

Peak load at which weld breaks determines how well wires are welded together to make a wire mesh panel. Weld break loads for weldmesh panels comply with requirements as specified in EN 10223-7.


Right Coating helps the fence to sustain its novelty for a long period of time. With a state of the art powder coating setup and an experience of about two decades has made A-1 capable of producing superior types of coatings that can withstand different climatic conditions keeping the fence new as always.

Coating Thickness DFT meter

We make sure that the coating thickness of our products meets specification of global standards. For Polyester powder coating minimum thickness is 60 microns & for TPC coating it is minimum 200 microns. Coating thickness requirements are as per EN 13438.

Adhesion Test

This is done to find out how well the powder adheres to the substrate. Requirement is as per EN 13438 & Testing method is as per ISO 2409.

Salt spray Test

It is a corrosion test method used to check corrosion resistance of powder coatings. Testing is done as specified in ISO 9227.

Impact Resistance Test

Coatings are subjected to impact damage during their manufacturing and service life, this test method is done to predict coating resistance to impact. Testing method is as per ASTM D2794.


To ensure that the product satisfies the customer expectation and is ready to be used, final quality check is done before dispatching the product. We follow a strict packing standards to ensure that the product doesn’t get damaged during logistics and the customer receives a high quality product.

Specification Verification

Materials ready for dispatch are verified against their Work order specifications/ Customer requirements & quantity. It is to make sure that the right materials are packed in right quantities.

Visual inspection

Items are visually inspected to verify that they are free from aesthetic defects and to further ensure that they are packed properly so that customers receive damage free products.

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