Making your fence smarter!
A smart wireless intrusion detection system which senses disturbance caused by intrusion attempts like climbing, cutting, breaking etc on fences and generates an alarm.

Helps you focus on your core business by taking care of your perimeter security

Establishes a sense of security & ensures you have a quality time with your family and friends


Working of Liminal-K

system architecture

System architecture of Liminal-K


Quick Installation

Liminal-K comes with Quick Installation feature

The entire system is plug & play, hence the installation is very quick & easy. Ergonomic design helps in easy installation on any type of post using stainless steel clamps or UV resistant cable ties.

Reduced Nuisance Alarms

Liminal-K comes with Reduced Nuisance Alarms feature

The sensor has customizable sensitivity that can be adapted to site condition in order to have reduced nuisance alarms.

Detection Accuracy

Liminal-K comes with Detection Accuracy feature

The detection accuracy is +/- 3 meters. Further, a group of sensors can be programmed into a zone by the software to give you customized detection accuracy.


Liminal-K comes with Rugged feature

Liminal-K comes with IP67 protection and has an operating temperature range of -30℃ to +60℃ thus making it suitable for even extreme climatic conditions.

Low & Easy Maintenance

Liminal-K comes with Low & Easy Maintenance feature

It is a low voltage system that has no mechanical parts and hence has low maintenance.

Software Integration Ready

Liminal-K comes with Software Integration Ready feature

The system comes with a free monitoring software & can also be integrated with industry leading video surveillance software and other smart electronics like PTZ cameras, Radars etc.


A-1 VIGIL integrates well with the industry leading surveillance monitoring softwares which convert the wireless vibration sensor data into useful video output.


Detection Range 3m (on both sides)
Ingress Protection IP67
Operating Temperature -30℃ to +60℃
No. of Sensors/master Max. 200
No. of master/km 1 master (1.2KM)


Used at Residential Estates

Residential Estates

Used at Farming & Agriculture

Farming & Agriculture

Used at Border Security

Border Security

Used at Industrial & Commercial Complexes

Industrial & Commercial Complexes

Used at Refineries & Power plants

Refineries & Power plants

Used at Airports


Used at Seaports


Used at Government Facilities

Government Facilities

Used at Defense Facilities

Defense Facilities

Used at Defense Equipment Manufacturing Industries

Defense Equipment Manufacturing Industries

Used at Data Centers

Data Centers

Used for Correctional Services

Correctional Services

Used in Mineral Mines

Mineral Mines

Used at Solar Parks

Solar Parks

Used at Substations


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