Delay Rated Fences are a special type of high security fence systems that give high intrusion time which helps protect critical areas/infrastructure.

What are Delay Rated Fences ?

Delay rated fences are high security fences designed and engineered to increase the time of intrusion thereby giving the user the sufficient response time to act. They are designed as per ASTM F2781-15 standard which prescribe the delay timings classified into three scenarios:


using only hand tools


using light power tools


using powerful cutting tools

The most versatile delay rated fence series in our offering is the AKAT series. It has different variants giving different delay times, we also have Spiral & Rakhsak series for specialized applications of delay rated fences.


Highest Spec of Security Fencing

A-1 offers BRE - Certified delay rated fencing, for borders and critical infrastructure sites. We also manufacture cages for transformers, cell phone towers etc. allowing a certified delayed time to get in.

Reinforced Rigid Security System

The 3 elements of the AKAT / Rakshak Fence; Anti climb panel, RHS tubes filled with proprietary infill & Flat bars give security from the most aggressive intrusion

Struggle with Cutting Tools

The proprietary infill makes the cutting tools, Circular Saw, Disc Grinder, Rotary & Hammer Drill, Hole Saw and the likes ineffective, thus rendering the fence virtually impenetrable

Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant

An EverBond coat of upto 1000 microns(best coating available on steel) provides the fence with superior corrosion & dust resistance. It bonds with the substrate & eliminates its contact with the external environment.

Modular system

Because of the high steel content and infill the panels are extremely heavy, thus having them in modular sections makes the installation easier.

Added Security

Depending on the site and security requirements, we can add additional security measures on top, underneath and on the fence. This can be; Razor wire, barbed wire, or electronic security in Electric fence, PIDS, cameras or even radar.


Product Name Height (meters) Width(mm) Coating Delay Time
AKAT 300-60 Alpha 2.5 - 6 2495 TPC 5.5 mins - 25 mins
AKAT Pro EP 2495 TPC
AKAT Pro 6 2438.4 TPC



Embassy (High Security Cages)

Oil & Gas

Perimeter Security


Other Variants

Rakshak Fence

Spiral Fence

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