Razor blade coils installed on any fence type, providing an added layer of security against climbing or digging and is corrosion resistant


Increased Security

The loop sizes can be adjusted depending upon the level of security needed. This will give you extra height on shorter fences.

Balde Profile Options

The various blade profiles can be perfect to mitigate different types of intrusion threats.

Short Blade
Medium Blade
Long Blade
Tear Blade
Fish Hook Blade

Quality and Certification

We won't compromise on lower quality of galvanized coatings. All our Zinc coatings adhere to international standards ensuring our product works and looks good for the required time.


Our strong wire provides a robust secure system owing to its high tensile strength of upto 1550 N/mm2

Blade Profile Options

Fish Hook Blade

Long Blade

Medium Blade

Short Blade

Tear Blade


Parameter Specifications
Diameter range 450mm - 1000mm
Core wire diameter & Tolerance 2.50mm
Blade Thickness & Tolerance 0.40mm to 0.60mm
Blade Material Galvanized Sheet, SS430, SS304, SS316
Tensile Strength 1250 - 1350 & 1350 - 1550N/mm2
Wire Material Galvanized Wire, SS204Cu, SS304, SS316

Blade Profile Short Blade Medium Balde Long Blade Tear Blade Fish Hook Blade
Blade Length 10mm 22mm 65mm 30mm 66mm
Core wire diameter 2.50mm 2.50mm 2.50mm 2.50mm 2.50mm
Distance between Barb 25mm 35mm 100mm 50mm 101mm
No. of loop per coil 56 56 56 56 56


Perimeter Security


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