Tried and Tested rhombus or diamond shaped fence suitable for a wide variety of applications. Available in different wire diameters, mesh sizes, coatings, structures and heights to cater to different site requirements and conditions


Easy & Fast Installation

The modular clamping fixture eliminates Welding / Fabrication promoting easy installation and also reducing costs.

Uneven Terrain Ready

The flexible chain link fabric allows for easy installation on slopes, steps & rough terrains.

Long Life

Available in either Zinc, ECOZAL (Zn 90% + Al 10%) protection with additional coating of either PVC, glued PVC, Fusion Bonded, PA6 to give a long life in the most corrosive environments. Adheres to ASTM F2611 - 15 and BS 1722-1:2019

Compacted rolls

Automatic Compaction of chain link rolls significantly improves handling, loading


Can have top and bottom terminations as either both knuckled, both twisted or one of each to suit security(twisted) and safety(knuckled) requirements


Mesh Size (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Coating Standards Fabric Length
Galvanized PVC Coated
25 x 25 2.00 - 4.00 (As per BS EN 10218-2 ID 1.40/OD 2.00 - ID 4.00/OD 5.00 (As per BS EN 10218-2) Galvanized: ASTM 392 Class 1 & 2 ASTM A641 Class 3,4,5 / A,B,C BS EN 10244-2 Class A,B,C & D

PVC Coating: BS EN 10245
10 - 25
50 x 50
65 x 65
75 x 75

Post Section Diameter Coating
Circular hollow Section 32-150mm (ASTM A53 & BS EN 1387) Hot Dip Galvanization: 300GSM to 610GSM (ASTM A53, ASTM F1083 & BS EN 1461)
PVC: Min 250 Microns
Polyester Powder Coating: 60 - 80 Microns


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