Can installing a fence add to the beauty of my home along with providing security?

Unico Fence
Unico Fence

The short answer is yes!

Installing metal fences around your home is the best decision you can ever make and for the right reasons. For instance, UNICO Fence from A-1 Fence is the perfect fence for your home when you are looking for an ideal demarcation solution that is affordable, durable, customizable, and aesthetically appealing.

Other reasons why you should put a fence around your home are as follows –

It is cheaper than putting up a wall

As per the spokesperson of a premier perimeter security systems supplier in South Africa, metal fences will give your property the security solutions it needs without breaking your bank. The cost of putting up a wall around your property will be much higher than installing a metal fence.

On top of this, in case you plan on installing decorative features on the wall such as lighting and related add-ons, the contractor will charge you even more.

Furthermore, a wall would need periodic preventative maintenance in order to make sure that the same remains standing for years. This is not the case with metal fences as they are made to last for at least a decade due to their high-quality metal, impressive treated coatings and quality assured add-ons.

It will increase the security factor of your home by many folds

Although South Africa is well on its way to becoming a developed nation, the crime rate in the nation is yet to go down. This is the reason why homeowners in South Africa choose to invest in security fencing for homes in South Africa manufactured by reputed companies.

A security fence equipped with the right set of add-ons and perimeter security systems like sensors and surveillance cameras will not only discourage ill-doers from trespassing but at the same time, keep them out in case they choose to break in.


Perimeter security fences manufactured by renowned manufacturers are designed to remain intact even when they are subjected to gas cutters, cutting blades, and a plethora of tools that criminals often use to cut through fences.

Your home will get a boost in its overall market value

There are lots of different ways to increase the overall market value of your home and in case you are planning to sell your home in the near future, increasing its market value will make sure your pocket lines up to the brim when the real estate transaction concludes.

Installing welded mesh fences manufactured by renowned welded mesh fencing suppliers, instead of constructing walls around your beautiful home is one of the easiest and cost-efficient ways to increase the resale value of your home as it will add more curb appeal to the property.

People will be ready to pay a premium for your fenced-up property should you choose to sell it, as it is one of the easiest ways to keep ill-doers at bay and children/pets from wandering off to the street.

You can increase the overall aesthetics of your home

Most fences fabricated by revered fence manufacturers come with a plethora of customization options. The colour of the fence, the shape of the mesh, and a lot of other aspects of the fence can be customized based on your preferences so that the fence adds to the appeal of your home.


A weldmesh fence can also act as a noise buffer. In case you reside in a noisy environment and want to shield your loved ones and you from sound pollution then you can procure weld mesh from critically acclaimed weldmesh fence manufacturers in South Africa for the best results.

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