A-View Fence

High Security Mesh fence system and a strong physical barrier with superior visibility ideal for medium and high security sites with Anti-Climb and Anti-Cut features



The space between the horizontal wires is too narrow for the fingers to have a grip.


Extremely difficult to cut with a hand cutter as the 'Beak' of wire cutter will not be able to penetrate the horizontal wires. Along with high tensile wire.


Aesthetically pleasing which adds more value to the property and prevents the 'prison look’.

Low Maintenance

The fence requires very little maintenance as long as the correct product is specked for the correct environment. The BS-EN certification of our products ensures that the quality of the coatings we apply ensures long life.

Solid Wall Replacement

- More Economical to install (build) and maintain than a solid wall
- Faster to install than solid wall

Better Security features

The debate of an open view or closed view of your property has long been a heated debate. We think the advice from security companies, CIPF’s and police should clarify this point. All agree an open view will expose would be intruders trying to break in and if in they will easily be seen. Nosey neighbours also help.

CCTV Benefit

Cameras are normally installed on the wall, because they can't see through or over the solid or enclosed structure. This makes them vulnerable to be purposely damaged and or even stolen. With an A-view fence the cameras can be mounted securely on the house and now you can view the garden and the outside of the fence. Installations are cheaper and less cameras will be needed. Note: please ensure the High security mesh wire is running horizontal and not vertical for best CCTV view through the fence.


A range of product finishes are available:
Pre Galvanized wire + PPC (Jotun powder) - +10km
Pre Galvanised wire + TPC ( Plascoat)- Coastal and industrial sites
Mild steel wire + Hot dipped galvanized (HDG) - Coastal

Certification - ask for it

Each of our products come with a full MTC report for peace of mind. We only use accredited international coating suppliers and all our processes adhere to International BS-EN standards. This ensures the product's life and quality at all times.

Added Security

We promote the use of High security 5mm IPE posts for the best security option. This post secures the panel so it can't be broken off or forced open, it also ensures there is no access to the clamp from the outside.
All bolts and nuts are SS 304, the bolts have a ‘mushroom head’ so no tools can remove them, the nuts are all ‘shear off’, so again no tools can remove them. Our clamps are 50mmx50mmx5mm thick with 5 legs, ensuring the weakest point of your fence is the most secure. And we offer 8 clamps per post.

Panel Specification

Mesh Size
Wire Diameter (mm) No. of V
Vertical Horizontal
2100 2971 76.2 x 12.7 4.00 3.15 4 44.5 Pre Galv & PPC
2100 2971 76.2 x 12.7 4.00 3.15 4.00 44.5 Pre Galv & PPC
2100 2971 76.2 x 12.7 4.00 3.15 4 40 HDG
1800 2971 76.2 x 12.7 4.00 3.15 4.00 50.14 On request only
2400 2971 76.2 x 12.7 4.00 3.15 3 39 On request only
3000 2515 76.2 x 12.7 4.00 3.15 4.00 60 On request only

Post Specification

Type of post Thickness (mm) No. of Clamps required Length (mm) Dimensions (mm) Pre drilled holes Coating
IPE 5 16 2700 100x50 Yes HDG & PPC / TPC
SHS 2 8 2700 72x72 Yes HDG & PPC
SHS 1.6 8 2400 76x76 Yes HDG & PPC




Housing Estate

Perimeter Security

Oil & Gas

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