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We offer perimeter security not only through high security fencing but also through intrusion detection systems

Artificial Intelligence Target Detection

Early Warning

Detect intruders even before they reach your perimeters along with a visual confirmation via continuous PTZ tracking.

Artificial Intelligence Target Detection

Final Warning

Detects right at the beginning of climbing, cutting or breaking attempt which allows security personnels to combat intrusion attempts on the fence/wall

Artificial Intelligence Target Detection

Prevent / Delay Intrusion

We provide strong high security fences including delay rated fences that prevents intrusion while maintaining superior visibility. Ideal for medium and high security sites with Anti-Climb and Anti-Cut features

Intrusion detection systems

Our offerings are based on maximizing Reaction Time, increasing detection accuracy and dependability. All products can be integrated into a single platform along with CCTV integration.

Compact security Radar

Get Early warning upto 1500 m away using compact security radars

Fence mounted Liminal-K detection sensor

Get precise intrusion right at the beginning using fence mounted Liminal-K detection sensor

Security Fences

We offer a range of see through security fences to suit your needs

AKAT Pro 6 Delay Rated Fences

AKAT PRO 6 Delay rated fence: Get 5-25 min delay for your extreme high security sites

A-View High security fences

A-View: This is our standard 76x12 mm security fence for most of your security needs

Unico medium security fence

Unico: Ideal for medium security and internal demarcation

Our Ecosystem Partners

Solution Support

Our network of trained installers and system integrators are here to assist you with the right solution for all your security needs and provide end to end support


We help our installers to do a proper survey which helps them collect all the necessary information required to make the right solution.

Solution Design

We help our installers create the right solution for customer requirements.


We ensure quick deliveries from our warehouses and high quality installation through certified partners.

Maintenance & Warranties

Our installers provide onsite maintenance and we directly honor the warranties committed.

Why to Choose A-1?

A-1 is global manufacturer & supplier of perimeter security systems and fencing solutions. We specialized at supplying perimter security, intrusion detection system and mesh fencing systems for high / medium security and domestic application.

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